Terms of Use

We Do NOT allow:

1 - PTC traffic

2 - Adult Traffic

3 - Any traffic from unproven sources (we may ask for this information)

4 - Faucet Traffc (contact us, maybe we can come with a deal)

5 - Bot traffic or fake traffic

6 - Coming from other URL shortener webaites. Our shortener should be first. 

7 - We allow multiple visits, but shortening links to other shortlinks on our shortener to drive up more clicks is prohibited. It will only increase our cost, therefore it is disallowed.

8 - Traffic leading to websites that encourage violence, hate or any unlawful activity will NOT be tolerated.

9 - Traffic coming from / leading to websites with copyright infringement will not be allowed. If we receive copyright infringement notice,we will review it and your link or account will be removed and will not be allowed to use our services again.

10 - Do not use multiple accounts for use of trickery to get more clicks. We will assess your account and associate it with existing account / or nullify your earnings if used from tricking purposes. This is to protect our costs and our interests.

We have the RIGHT to hold / disaprove your withdrawals if we require more information. We only allow users to use our shortener if you are approved.


Please abide by our rules to make ShrinkCash.com easy and best place to earn.

Contact us: [email protected]